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LetsGetChecked's platform allows patients to order physician-approved lab tests, and then send their samples to the company for analysis and test results.

Aker Bio's test is used for determining whether a patient being treated with heparin may be developing heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.

The system enables the firm's immunohematology analyzers, which test blood for transfusion compatibility, to integrate with hospitals' laboratory information systems.

The firm aims to have its test on the European clinical market by early next year, followed by a launch in the US.

blood test

The firm offers a high-throughput, automated and a low-throughput, manual solution and now plans to address mid-range needs with two new instruments.

The Cobas m 511 combines a cell counter, slide maker and stainer, and a digital morphology analyzer into one integrated solution.

The five-year federal supply contract is for the company's Steripath Initial Specimen Diversion Device, which virtually eliminates blood culture contamination.

McKesson will exclusively distribute Sysmex's XW-100 system, a CLIA-waived complete blood count diagnostic instrument starting in the spring. 

Bio-Rad received 510(k) clearance for its IH-Incubator L and IH-Centrifuge L instruments for use with the company's full range of IH-System Gel Reagents.

According to CEO Eugene Chan, the CE designation is just the first of more to come, as the company enters the diagnostics market with a focus on hematological testing.

Abbott's Alinity h-series system integrates a standalone hematology analyzer and slide maker-and-stainer module to enable high-throughput complete blood counting.

Sysmex said that in 2018, it will replace LifeLabs' hematology analyzers at 12 sites throughout British Columbia and Ontario and provide scalable solutions.

The XW-100 Automated Hematology Analyzer previously received 510(k) clearance. With the CLIA waiver, the test can be run in more types of healthcare facilities. 

The firm said that entry into the market is a logical progression based on its existing position and strength in hematology, an adjacent segment.

A recent study has shown that the biomarker used by the test, GDF-15, is a strong predictor of bleeding risk in patients with atrial fibrillation. 

The China FDA approval allows marketing of an Ortho platform consisting of fully automated blood analyzers for low-, mid-, and high-volume transfusion medicine laboratories.

The investment is part of a Series C financing round that will also include other investors. Seventh Sense is developing a new type of blood collection device to improve patient compliance. 

Theassay is designed for the rapid qualitative detection of platelet factor 4-heparin complex IgG antibodies associated with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.

Under a new deal, EKF's BHB assay is now available for use on Ortho's Vitros 4600 chemistry system and the Vitros 5600 integrated system.

The method allows clinicians to more easily integrate anemia testing with testing for other underlying disorders, potentially aiding study of the condition.