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The workflow involves processing Qiagen's QuantiFeron-TB Gold Plus Blood Collection Tubes on DiaSorin's Liaison immunodiagnostic instruments.

The microfluidics- and machine vison-based diagnostic may improve risk stratification of patients and reduce overtreatment, according to the company.

In a recent study in Blood, the researchers showed that a higher allelic burden after transplantation was associated with higher risk of relapse and mortality.

Using deep learning, researchers attempted to classify non-small lung cancer subtypes and predict lung adenocarcinoma mutations from histopathology slides.

MRM will develop immuno-MALDI mass spec assays to key cancer signaling proteins and test them in 100 breast and colorectal cancer samples provided by Exactis.

Changes to the checklist included restructuring requirements related to analyte-specific reagents and laboratory-developed tests to reduce redundancy.

The agreements involve the commercialization of the NeuMoDx 288 and 96 platforms for fully integrated, sample-to-answer, PCR-based molecular diagnostic testing.

New Jersey-based Accu Reference was alleged by feds to have paid $1.37 million in kickbacks to a group of Maryland pain clinics in return for referrals.

Diagnostic executives say the revenue-based excise tax has curtailed innovation and investment across the industry, and they expect a repeal would spur job creation.

While studies conducted by the company have found the test could significantly reduce unnecessary biopsies, sales have been modest to date.

Medicover is acquiring the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics and its affiliate IMGM Laboratories to further expand into Southern Germany.

The institutes will lead a program investigating antimicrobial resistance in India and developing new diagnostic technologies to support antibiotic stewardship.

The pharma company plans to use the Signatera assay to determine whether it can identify patients who will respond to immunotherapy.

The test is a targeted sequencing assay that detects mutations in the blood of non-small cell lung cancer patients to inform treatment selection.

The firm aims to bring to market a point-of-care technology that would significantly reduce the expense associated with highly sensitive diabetes testing.

The firm plans to use the funds to develop a five-minute point-of-care molecular diagnostic system for multiplexed infectious disease detection.

The lab created active molecular identification tags to be able to track specimens themselves, rather than just their containers. 

The tests are based on a technology that uses Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and a proprietary technique that analyzes spectrometer test results.

The company published data from a 1,102-patient trial that found that amino acid markers could be useful for diagnosing the condition in a subset of patients.

The companies will work together to develop new biomarkers and diagnostic methods for Alzheimer's disease, including ones based on amyloid beta protofibrils.