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The firm plans to use the funds to develop a five-minute point-of-care molecular diagnostic system for multiplexed infectious disease detection.

The tests are based on a technology that uses Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and a proprietary technique that analyzes spectrometer test results.

The companies will work together to develop new biomarkers and diagnostic methods for Alzheimer's disease, including ones based on amyloid beta protofibrils.

By ending the agreement, Quanterix regains full control over its Simoa immunoassay technology and its potential use for in vitro diagnostic purposes.

Under the deal, Novacyt's Primerdesign business will work with Applied Microarrays on the development of microarray-based diagnostic assays.

The assay provides a presumptive diagnosis of dengue virus from patients' serum samples within the first seven days of clinical symptoms.

Proposals from ACLA, CAP, and others included statistical sampling to collect hard-to-capture lab pricing data from across the industry.

The agency cleared a broad array of in vitro diagnostic tests, including assays for influenza, whooping cough, sexually transmitted infections, and opioids.

The designation allows the company to use its digital pathology system, also called Optrascan, as an in vitro diagnostic tool in the EU.

The company said it will use the proceeds to develop new liquid biopsy tests to predict drug response in cancer patients.

Premier is a healthcare group purchasing organization representing about 4,000 hospitals and 165,000 other providers throughout the US.

An Oregon Health Authority committee issued a draft guidance to not cover NGS testing for solid tumors, which advocacy groups say will limit access to Medicaid beneficiaries.

The companies initially expect to incorporate a CDx for Incyte's pemigatinib into Foundation Medicine's existing FDA-approved assay, FoundationOne CDx.

Expedeon's colloidal gold is an aqueous suspension of uniform, spherical metallic nanoparticles that can conjugate to antibodies and antigens.

Lunaphore's LabSat Frozen technology aims to automate biomarker-specific frozen section staining and enable performing IHC assays within minutes.

In its response, the company accused the Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit of containing "serious factual inaccuracies."

Questions posed by CMS about expanding PAMA data collection expose a rift between labs and other industry stakeholders over who should report lab prices.

The assay will combine the company's CytoSort assay with its automated AIR system for imaging, sorting, and isolating single cells and small colonies.

The BD business, which has annual revenues of about $100 million, offers technical services as well as peptones for cell culture media used in biopharmaceutical applications.

The company said it plans to list its stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol GH.