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GenePeeks will provide its Virtual Progeny Analytics approach, which includes scores that predict gene function and associated disease risk in hypothetical babies.

The system allows oncologists to pick treatment regimens using NantHealth's decision support tool, and order them directly through Allscript's EHR system.

Congenica will use the proceeds to establish its presence in the US and China, where it will court not only clinical genetics labs, but specialists, academics, biotech, and pharma.

The company will use the proceeds from the round to invest in sales and marketing efforts for its Sapientia clinical genome analysis platform, as well as for R&D.

The company offers what it calls an "end-to-end solution" for assembling study cohorts, tackling a challenging part of the diagnostic development process.

Illumina said the registration for its analysis software is the first step toward launching a full CE-IVD VeriSeq NIPT assay in Europe.

As SpeeDx preps for the European launch of its STI tests, it will incorporate UgenTec's automated data analysis tool for PCR applications.

The Hereditary Cancer Solution combines target capture probes from Integrated DNA Technologies with specialized analytics developed by Sophia.

Last month, an unauthorized third party accessed personal data — including names and lab results — of approximately 34,000 users of the MyQuest internet app.

ClinGen's cancer somatic working group hopes the adoption of its Minimal Variant Level Data (MVLD) framework will facilitate data exchange between institutions and help with variant interpretation.

A beta-testing community is providing feedback on the PMI's recruitment efforts, which are slated to kick off in the first quarter of 2017.

Merck will provide OpGen with access to its library of bacterial pathogens in order to support OpGen's development of rapid DNA tests and a pathogens database.

According to Sunquest, UniConnect's technology will augment its own existing solutions for molecular diagnostics.

The company said revenues from sales of its software services rose more than 250 percent during the quarter.

2bPrecise is developing the needed ontology for its platform to enable clinicians to combine genomic and clinical data in their interactions with pediatric patients.

Multiple variant databases are creating competition among groups that disagree on how to advance the most scientifically robust and sustainable sharing model.

Experts said that the EMR is a crucial channel for aggregating clinical insights from multiple sources, but plenty of work is needed to achieve broader adoption.

NorthShore University HealthSystem is integrating decision support tools within it is EMR to help doctors use pharmacogenomics to personalize care.

Although the partnership has no financial component at this time, Alitora will tap into the institute's "huge amount of bioinformatics insight and know-how" to enhance the use of its collaborative software with a trio of popular open-source bioinformatics programs, a company official said.

The agreement comes approximately three months after ABL and Stanford reached their own settlement in the suit, in which ABL accused the university and professor of breaching a patent immunity contract regarding Stanford's HIV Drug Resistance Database.