Cardiovascular Disease

News on molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics tests for coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, and more.

The new testing method used by Quest was developed at Johns Hopkins and leverages a big data approach to achieve personalized calculations.

Quidel's CEO said that the strategic acquisition adds an extensive cardiovascular and toxicology POC offering to the firm's medical diagnostics portfolio.

Since it launched CADscor, which could compete against molecular tests, in the second quarter, Acarix has announced clients in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Under the new purchase terms, Quidel will have direct commercial responsibility for the assays run on Beckman Coulter analyzers. The deal is now valued at $680 million.

The group said that progress in developing the test for a broad range of medical conditions will be driven in part by frequent donations of urine samples.