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Enlighta Partners With LHHC Medical to Develop Early Cancer Detection System

NEW YORK — Enlighta said today that it has partnered with Chinese bioinformatics firm LHHC Medical Technology to market an artificial intelligence-based blood test system for early cancer detection.

The system, called No Cancer, is designed to analyze data from routine blood and biochemistry tests against a large dataset of anonymized individuals of Asian descent to identify immunological abnormalities that indicate a high risk of 13 different cancers.

Enlighta, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, said it will work with LHHC to build a testing and reporting center, as well as blood collection sites, in collaboration with partner hospitals and medical clinics in China and other Asian markets. The companies also expect to launch a direct-to-consumer electronic network to allow customers to upload and access their No Cancer data. 

Additional terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"With routine conventional blood test[s], the No Cancer system can assess the risk of early cancer discovery with an accuracy rate of over 85 percent," Enlighta CEO Avis Zhu said in a statement. "Through this ... system, the risk of cancer can be indicated in the early stage, and early prevention and intervention can be realized, significantly reducing the costs of cancer screening."