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The improvement in the 360Dx Index was modest compared to 2017, but it still outpaced the broader markets, which fell dramatically in the last month of the year.

Veracyte was the only company in the 360Dx Index whose stock price rose last month while NantHealth, NeoGenomics, and Accelerate Diagnostics saw sharp declines.

The expected net proceed are now $5.4 million, down from an earlier anticipated $9.1 million. Investors reacted negatively to the news today.

November's modest gain followed a tough October, when the index down almost 9 percent. Meridian Bio paced the gainers, and NantHealth was the steepest decliner.

For 2018, Quest lowered its revenues expectation to $7.57 billion, its EPS to greater than $5.34, and its adjusted EPS to greater than $6.30.

Just five of the 28 firms in the 360Dx Index saw their share prices rise last month. Veracyte led the gainers, while Accelerate Dx had the sharpest decline.

The firm's share price jumped recently on news that it had withdrawn a previously announced $25 million public offering of its common stock.

The investment bank downgraded LabCorp's shares to a Hold rating from Buy and lowered the target price on the stock to $162 from $195.

The firm earlier this week announced a public offering of up to $25 million of its common stock, but today it said that it would not proceed due to market conditions.

The stock prices for 14 companies in the 360Dx Index were down during the month, while 13 firms' share prices fell.