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stock offering

The company plans to use the net proceeds for working capital, to improve its platform and tests, as well as to expand internationally and acquire assets. 

The company said it had signed definitive agreements to sell $6.6 million of its American Depository Shares to undisclosed institutional investors.

The company said it will use the net proceeds from the offering for working capital and general corporate purposes.

The company's two largest investors will purchase $25 million of its common shares, with proceeds supporting ongoing test commercialization.

The company plans to sell nearly 7.2 million shares of its common stock based on an assumed price of $55.86 per share.


The firm will use the proceeds for general corporate purposes and to possibly acquire or invest in complementary businesses and technology.

The company said it intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to fund further commercialization of its clinical tests, among other uses.

The company said it will use the proceeds to support its operations, including the development of products in its pipeline, and for general corporate purposes.

The firm expects to raise $75 million from the senior notes offering and approximately $25 million from the public offering.

The firm plans to raise $25 million in a public offering of shares of its common stock and $75 million in a senior notes offering to institutional buyers.