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research and development

MultiGen said its test identified and confirmed the BRAF p.V600E mutation with a thousandfold increase in sensitivity compared to competing PCR-based and NGS methods.

Quanterix's Simoa single-molecule detection method combined with high-affinity antibodies detected minute levels of problematic interferon alpha proteins, a study said.

They have also developed an exosome-based test for high volume laboratory applications that was recently licensed by Exosome Diagnostics.

Venture accelerator Dreamit has selected the firm to participate in a business bootcamp that may fast-track the startup's go-to-market plan.

The firms said that the kit will employ microparticle biomarker technology to identify and monitor patients at high risk of coagulation complications.      

The partners aim to empower pathologists with decision support tools enabled by artificial intelligence so that patients receive a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Future Diagnostics will advise MIDS Medical about design parameters, including microfluidics and magnetic detection optimization, for a POC assay.  

A microfluidic phone attachment developed at Brigham and Women's and Mass General may be the precursor of a fertility assay that men can use in the home.  

The test will use plasmonics to detect DNA, microRNA, and tumor antibodies with high sensitivity within a single test.

The group has already developed a test that detects circulating tumor cells in blood and uses centrifugal microfluidics similar to the urine-based test.