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research and development

A global licensing agreement provides Genomic Health with exclusive rights to Cleveland Diagnostics' proprietary IsoPSA reagent for prostate cancer testing.

The test, which leverages mass spectrometry and a panel of 30 metabolomic biomarkers, is undergoing clinical validation in a network of London hospitals. 

The firm said that its platform successfully detected pathogens and resistance markers at limits of detection as low as 1 CFU/ml in spiked blood samples.

A combined biomarker model was more sensitive and specific than a standard test in identifying patients with liver injury after overdosing on paracetamol.

The test has already shown in large retrospective clinical studies that it can achieve an accuracy of 96 percent for early stage detection, according to Immunovia's CEO.

The university is leveraging CDC funding to validate PCR and real-time PCR assays for detecting Candida auris in hospitals.

A three-year BARDA-supported contract requires that the developers participate in studies needed to support applying for a pre-emergency use authorization from the FDA.


The developers said that their multivariant analysis does a better job than using APOE E4 alone at identifying those at greatest risk of developing Alzheimer's. 

A research collaboration involving several universities has yielded a technique that they said isolates exosomes from biological samples more effectively than incumbent methods.

The group leader said that they have detected low concentrations of human thyroid-stimulating hormone as a demonstration of the platform's broader capabilities.