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research and development

In a first clinical tryout, University of Turku researchers have shown that their assay has sensitivity and specificity levels on par with those of laboratory ELISAs.

Three independent studies have shown that an α-synuclein assay technology detected early Parkinson's with high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

Neurovascular Diagnostics intends to commercialize a test for unruptured intracranial aneurysm tests that use RNA expression signatures.

The Yale professor said that deep-learning algorithms could give digital pathology the push it needs for broader adoption.

The firm said that with its mimetope peptide assays, which measure the concentration of blood in a sample, patients would receive the right dose of the right drug.

The polygenic score snags a greater percentage of people at risk of early heart attack than current tests that rely on single-gene variants or blood chemistry.

The device consists of a reservoir that enables the analyte to contact only the top of a screen-printed electrode, increasing sensitivity.

Its CEO said that although a hospital screening test for sepsis is a focus, a fever test that informs about antibiotic use could be available sooner.

Quest will have a broader relationship with Cleveland Clinic in diagnostic development, the companies say.

One firm, Exosome Diagnostics, is working to streamline payor coverage for a commercial test, and researchers are simultaneously developing promising ways to isolate exosomes.