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research and development

Lexogen did not disclose the funding amount, but said it was one of €16 million ($17.4 million) in awards from the Austria Research Promotion Agency.

Leinco said as part of the agreement it will use its protein expression technology platform to rapidly scale up manufacturing of the antibodies.

In October the company received $15 million in funding from BARDA and venture capital firms to advance its early sepsis detection technology.

The platform's portability and internet connectivity could enable it to locate and track the distribution of disease in real time, its developers said.

The UK-based firm anticipates that it will have a high sensitivity test available in a few months that can detect active infections.

The firm is developing an antigen-based test that could be used in the home to detect active SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The firm has launched the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative to accelerate diagnostic research and development for the coronavirus.

The immune sequencing firm has engaged the FDA in discussions over how to get regulatory approval for one test for several seemingly different diseases.

Australian researchers said that in a preliminary study they saw sensitivity improvements by adding IL-6 to other clinical measurements.

The Mycartis spinoff is developing a point-of-care device and its first diagnostic test, which will be a urine-based self-test to check for chlamydia and gonorrhea.