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research and development

The firm has launched the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative to accelerate diagnostic research and development for the coronavirus.

The immune sequencing firm has engaged the FDA in discussions over how to get regulatory approval for one test for several seemingly different diseases.

Australian researchers said that in a preliminary study they saw sensitivity improvements by adding IL-6 to other clinical measurements.

The Mycartis spinoff is developing a point-of-care device and its first diagnostic test, which will be a urine-based self-test to check for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Clinical investigators have used Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics' qPCR approach in a study to detect M. tuberculosis DNA in the mouths of people at high risk for subclinical TB.

Enzyre said its platform technology, which requires a small volume of blood, is able to measure up to 12 reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity.

HalioDx will perform immune biomarker exploratory work for the collaboration, which will focus on defining the profile of responder patients to Tedopi.

The company released data showing that its panel detects early-stage liver cancer with 71 percent sensitivity compared to 25 percent for the standard test.

The platform retained high sensitivity after exposure to plasma for more than one month, opening up a range of potential diagnostic applications, the researchers said.

The results are of interest to drugmakers looking for scalable technology solutions for assessment of PD-L1 for predicting immunotherapy response.