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product launch

The test could help stem the infection's advance in regions where the kissing bug is prevalent, and enable screening in other affected countries.

The test, which went off the market when its original seller closed shop, uses an ultracentrifuge and spectrophotometer to measure cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Roche's Bluetooth-enabled meter gives patients the option to bypass frequent trips to the clinic in favor of doing anticoagulation testing at home.   

The company's test measures epigenetic alteration of two genes using Qiagen PCR methods, in order to detect signs of recurrence in colorectal cancer patients post-surgery.

The British molecular diagnostics company plans to make its array-based test for early-stage Alzheimer's disease available in the US by year end.

The company has aspirations for a combined molecular/immunoassay platform, but plans to go to market with a 22-target real-time PCR-enabled syndromic panel.

The new ELISA test measures the interaction of a patented gain-of-function GPIb construction with von Willebrand factor in a patient sample.

The firm said that its metagenomic sequencing-based service provides a broad scope of pathogen testing for people with chronic medical conditions.

The firm said that its diagnostic instrument provides hematology results in six minutes, and it may speed time to patient treatments, as well as accelerate product sales.

Optrascan's CEO said he believes more pathologists will adopt digital technology when large capital expenditures are removed from the equation.