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product launch

The platform, comprising immunoassay and chemistry analyzers, was previously cleared by the FDA, and is now available in Europe, the US, South America, and Asia. 

VisualDx, maker of an image-based clinical decision support system, has a new app to help iPhone users analyze skin lesions nearly instantaneously.

UgenTec and R-Biopharm's collaboration will cover the software's development, regulatory approval, and launch.

The test, miRpredX 31-3p, is a positive theranostic test that quantifies the expression of miR-31-3p in FFPE using RT-qPCR technology. 

The latest offering puts the genetic testing company on the path toward becoming what it calls a preventive health service company.

The company is targeting hospital labs interested in a more streamlined mass spec solution as the clinical mass spec market begins to heat up.

A technician conducting a test at Grifols' CLIA lab

The firm's president of global diagnostics marketing said that recent revenue growth comes as a result of multiple initiatives implemented in recent years.

The firm, which raised $7.1 million from its IPO last week, is looking to move into geographies where a need for infectious disease tests are already well established, its CEO said. 

NGeneBio is moving ahead with plans to have the test cleared for diagnostic use in Korea, while envisioning a 2019 submission to the US FDA.

The company launched the MassArray System with Chip Prep Module in Europe for general IVD use, targeting hospitals and laboratories.