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product launch

The lab-based test allows for the semi-quantitative automatable detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein on a large scale.

Called the COVID Bubble Test, the UK-based service allows the testing of up to 10 people on a single cartridge for £100, or £10 per person.

The next-generation sequencing-based panel comprises more than 50 genes and disorders known to cause hereditary anemias, such as pyruvate kinase deficiency.

The quantitative kit applies a recombinant S1 subunit of the coronavirus spike protein to detect IgG antibodies against the coronavirus.

The assay uses mass spec to measure levels of three proteins in blood and could provide a low cost, non-invasive alternative to existing Alzheimer's tests.

The assay should have a CE-IVD mark by November and will serve the Finnish molecular diagnostics firm's growing European client base.

The companies are positioning the test, called SeptiCyte Rapid, for use in triaging COVID-19 patients who could be at greater risk for progressing to sepsis.


The firm is hoping that researcher-generated data will soon be published in peer-reviewed papers, while it weathers the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has also seen uptake of HemoScreen in Europe and Australia since PixCell began selling the portable hematology analyzer in those markets.

The gene expression test retrospectively identified rheumatoid arthritis patients significantly less likely to respond to TNF inhibitor therapy.