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private financing

The company raised $3.2 million in seed financing, which will go toward development of its platform and deployment of its flagship technology called VIPER.

The funding will be directed at conducting clinical trials for its technology based on activity sensors to detect human diseases and monitor drug responses.

The firm said that it will use the proceeds to roll out a fully automated point-of-care platform that enables use of a broad panel of acute blood biomarkers.

The firm said that its funding will support the launch of targeted breath biopsy kits and enable further investment in its technology platform.

The financing will go toward driving adoption of the company's technology, which can distinguish bacterial infections from viral ones, and other purposes.

The company said it will use the proceeds to develop new liquid biopsy tests to predict drug response in cancer patients.

The financing will be used to further development of a handheld device, which is being designed to be used with a high-sensitivity troponin assay.

The firm's microfluidic diagnostic system uses phenotypic bacteria growth analysis to enable rapid antibiotic testing and treatment of sepsis patients.

The funding will go toward expanding the firm's product line and increasing access to its testing services. MyLab Box has raised $2.1 million in total.

The company’s software-as-a-service and sequencing and molecular analysis revenues grew, and the firm narrowed its loss from a year ago.