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private financing

The company's test uses self-collected saliva samples from potential parents to assess their future child's genetic predisposition to various diseases.

The company was founded in 2017 to commercialize a small, battery-powered, disposable RT-PCR system called the Nuclein Hand-Held PCR Test.

The financing will go toward the expansion of the company's laboratory operations and acceleration of the sales and marketing efforts of its Syn-One Test.

The firm said it has developed a POC test that uses a biomarker for HPV16, which is responsible for more than 90 percent of all HPV-related head and neck tumors.

The firm said it will use the financing to develop and commercialize its immune response gene-expression diagnostic tests.

The firm said that a Series A round of financing will enable it to begin marketing its Urodiag test for recurrent bladder cancer.

The company offers a digital platform designed to simplify genetic test ordering and results reporting, and recently launched a workflow for COVID-19 testing.

Paige said it will use the financing to expand its geographic footprint as it accelerates the development of artificial intelligence-based clinical applications, biomarkers, and diagnostic tests.

The company is using the funds to develop a blood-based test that uses infrared spectroscopy and artificial intelligence for early-stage cancer detection.

The company's nucleic acid extraction kits have offered labs relief from COVID-19-related shortages of traditional silica-based bind-wash-elute assays.