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North America

A BD lateral flow antigen test will be paired with the Scanwell Health mobile app for home use and public health results reporting.

The firm's over-the-counter claim submission is delayed because it has been unable to find the required number of positive cases among asymptomatic people.

TruGenX claims that Thermo Fisher's technical support did not resolve testing issues for months, damaging its business and reputation.

The firm said it intends to apply to obtain FDA Emergency Use Authorization and 510(k) clearance for a panel that detects respiratory targets in a single test.

The company's service revenues increased 157 percent to $457.9 million due to significant COVID-19 testing volumes, slightly offset by lower base business volumes.

The firm's rapid immunoassay revenues jumped ninefold due to more than $587 million in sales of SARS-CoV-2 viral antigen tests.

The institute offers a rapid whole-genome sequencing test designed to diagnose infants and children suspected of having a rare genetic condition.

The firms will present a clinical comparison study using the workflow to detect FGFR mutations in 50 urothelial cancer patients later this year.

The assay combines Twist's Human Comprehensive Exome with customized content for rare and inherited diseases from Australia-based VCGS.

The program will support Johns Hopkins' research into saliva testing and diagnostics and will help GBS form its commercialization strategy for two saliva-based tests.