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North America

NeoGenomics will pay $125 million in cash and distribute 1 million shares of its stock to Genoptix, a clinical oncology lab, as part of the deal.

Called CerMark, the test is aimed at women in resource-constrained settings and will measure proteins linked to HPV infection and cervical disease progression.

Chembio's Q3 revenues are expected to rise between 21 and almost 24 percent year over year. It is purchasing OpTricon, which develops handheld analyzers, for $5.5 million.

Use of the Oncomine Focus Assay led to an expansion of genomic profiling for all guideline-recommend alterations and the identification of a broad set of clinically relevant targets.

The deal will give the central Michigan hospital's patients and providers access to a broader range of testing as well as healthcare data analytics.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based lab, which received its CLIA license in August, will run samples reimbursed by Medicare and state Medicaid agencies only. 

Glycotest said it will use the funding for the planned US launch of its blood-based hepatocellular carcinoma test, which is based on a proprietary algorithm.

Asuragen's technology will be used in the Early Check study to identify children with rare health conditions, such as fragile X syndrome, before symptoms appear.

Some researchers believe that the use of microfluidics in the analysis of exosomes will help clinicians overcome the problem of heterogeneity in cancer cells.

In recent months, three firms have received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for smartphone devices that allow patient-operated urinalysis testing.