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CellMax also completed a Series C financing round to speed up development of itsFirstSight liquid biopsy test to detect colorectal cancer and precancer polyps.

Todos said that after implementing its automation equipment, Majl will be able to run approximately 1,500 PCR-based COVID-19 tests per day.

Artificial will provide access to its aLab Suite software, which integrates with the Thermo Scientific Momentum Workflow software and robotics hardware.

The company said it plans to use the proceeds to develop multiomics capabilities, including building out its clinical laboratory.

A prescription-only version of the test was first authorized last year for the detection of three SARS-CoV-2 genes in a range of samples.

The firm also recently validated its instrument-agnostic technology's ability to detect up to 20 targets per qPCR well using high-definition PCR.

The global distribution deal with Epredia follows Paige's closing of a $125 million round of Series C financing earlier this year.

Following the launch of its urine-based Qsant assay later this year, the firm plans to develop updated versions of it with new biomarkers for different disease indications.  

The US Securities and Exchange Commission alleges that uBiome's founders misled investors in order to close a Series C financing round in 2018. 

The firm expects an expanding market for at-home self-testing and is differentiating its products in part through their ease of use.