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equity investment

Counsyl Raises $80M

The new funding comes from life sciences investment firm Perceptive Advisors. Home Care Assistance CEO Lily Sarafan has also joined Counsyl's board. 

The financing will be used to launch Aquaro's first product, an automated microtomy technology, expand the firm's commercial efforts, and support R&D. 

BOE Technology led the financing round, with participation from family offices, current investors, and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. 

The investment is part of a Series C financing round that will also include other investors. Seventh Sense is developing a new type of blood collection device to improve patient compliance. 

The funding will go toward bringing the BA100 test to clinicians. The test can identify patients most likely to respond to the standard of care chemotherapy treatment.

GeneNews has signed a binding agreement with multinational private equity firm Milost Global for up to $10 million in equity and debt financing.

SOL will help Personal Genomics to further develop its research projects and implement its new facility dedicated to DNA sequencing.

The Irish firm plans to launch the OncoMasTR prognostic test in 2018.

The firm will sell 855,000 shares of its common stock to three investors. It will also sell warrants to the same investors.

The rapid point-of-care diagnostics company anticipates receiving CE marking for its breast cancer test by March and launching it in India shortly afterward.