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comarketing agreement

The companies have agreed to join their respective technologies into an integrated product for artificial intelligence-based prostate cancer diagnosis.

The firms said that Abcam will be the preferred supplier of gold nanoparticles and custom conjugation reagents and services for Abingdon's lateral flow assays.

The diagnostic is composed of Agilent's Bravo automation workstation and Mammoth's DETECTR BOOST SARS-CoV-2 assay.

The companies will combine Hamilton's LabElite DeCapper with the Rhinostic swab collection device for hands-free, high-throughput sample processing.

Genosity will combine its Integrated Genomic Toolkit with Israel-based Igentify's genetic counseling software, which both firms will comarket.

The nonexclusive deal includes Personal Genome Diagnostics' US Food and Drug Administration-cleared Elio Tissue Complete cancer genomic profiling assay.

The firms are developing clinical and RUO workflows that use NGS for pathogen identification and will comarket IDbyDNA's Explify data platform.

The deal is aimed at providing technologies, products, and services that will improve the standardization of pathology labs and accelerate accurate diagnoses.

MGI Tech will market Pillar Biosciences' Onco/Reveal NGS panels alongside its high-throughput, automated library prep systems outside the US.

The companies will commercialize Predigraft, a data analysis tool that provides early predictions of risk for allograft rejection and transplant loss.