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The firms said that the kit will employ microparticle biomarker technology to identify and monitor patients at high risk of coagulation complications.      

The test will leverage Chembio's DPP technology platform to detect multiple diseases simultaneously. 

Through this Alnylam-funded program, Invitae will perform free testing for US patients suspected to have hereditary ATTR amyloidosis or a family history of it. 

Numares will use its technology to advance work by Oxford researchers to create a noninvasive test to better diagnose MS. 

The mySugr app will give Canadian users quick access to diabetes data and enable them to synchronize glucose levels with Roche's diabetes management system.

The partners aim to empower pathologists with decision support tools enabled by artificial intelligence so that patients receive a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Future Diagnostics will advise MIDS Medical about design parameters, including microfluidics and magnetic detection optimization, for a POC assay.  

The test will use plasmonics to detect DNA, microRNA, and tumor antibodies with high sensitivity within a single test.

The firm said that the test may be validated as a prognostic test for colorectal cancer and a predictive test for cancer immunotherapies. 

A special thermal annealing process and graphene oxide structure may enable inexpensive manufacturing and use, particularly in resource-poor areas of the world.