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The institute will run the company's new NGS test kit in its lab, comparing results with Agendia's existing centralized microarray version of the two assays.

As part of their collaboration, a material transfer agreement gives Virion rights to evaluate a number of undisclosed protein antigens produced by ExpreS2ion.

UCSF researchers will use NantHealth's GPS Cancer molecular analysis test in their molecular profiling study of metastatic breast cancer.

The deal enables Mayo Clinic to serve as a US-based testing center for physicians and scientists interested in evaluating four blood-based assays.

A global licensing agreement provides Genomic Health with exclusive rights to Cleveland Diagnostics' proprietary IsoPSA reagent for prostate cancer testing.

GSK will use the Breath Biopsy to assess whether the right treatment for the right patient can be identified, and to evaluate its drug candidate for COPD.

The two companies will work together to develop AroCell's TK 210 ELISA test for Green Cross Cell's therapeutic products and methods. 

The partnership will focus on examining inflamed tissue samples for mortality-causing pathogens through ReadCoor's fluorescent in-situ sequencing platform.

Pathoquest will compare its iDtect blood test with standard testing methods to identify microbes causing infections in patients with febrile neutropenia.

The companion diagnostic will leverage ArcherDx's Anchored Multiplex PCR technology, Illumina's MiSdqDx sequencer, and Archer Analysis bioinformatics software.