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An array of stakeholders want to make sure people know that diagnostic tests have an important place in the fight to forestall drug-resistant infections.

Veracyte said that Quest’s access to half of the physicians and hospitals in the US will provide patients with broader access to the Afirma GEC.

The test may mitigate potential interference during immunofixation tests that measure a patient’s response to a multiple myeloma therapy.

UCSF said that the healthcare computing platform will use deep learning to analyze EHR, omics, wearables, and IoT sensor data. 

The project aims to improve methods for general practitioners to diagnose cancer, lowering waiting times and reducing the burden of referrals. 

Several diagnostic industry organizations have inked a global commitment for collaborative action in the fight against AMR.

The collaborators will explore the use of cell-free DNA for preimplantation genetic testing. 

As SpeeDx preps for the European launch of its STI tests, it will incorporate UgenTec's automated data analysis tool for PCR applications.

As part of the deal, Helomics will promote MDNA's Prostate Core Mitomic Test and its liquid biopsy Prostate Mitomic Test in select US markets.

The two companies have agreed to research the feasibility of using Celsee's CTC-based liquid biopsy technology to diagnose cancer in dogs.