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The study, launched today, aims to evaluate the use of liquid biopsy and natural killer cell testing for the early detection of recurrent breast cancer.

The AMA noted that since 2014 more than 6,000 doctors have helped generate about 10 million clinical data points in the Human Dx system.

NanoString also beat analyst estimates on the top and bottom lines, and upped its revenue guidance for the year based primarily on collaboration revenues.

Hemex Health is developing a diagnostic test that it said could particularly benefit rural and economically challenged areas of the world. 

Baylor College of Medicine and Geisinger are collaborating to generate tools and best practices to help health systems address and reduce diagnostic errors.

Coimbra Genomics' platform, Elsie, will be used for analysis of clinical cases at the medical genetics unit of Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre.

The company and university will develop a chip and detection devices to enable a wide array of multi-result tests that will be offered directly in clinical settings.

Asia Genomics will make CellMax's tests, including the CellMax-DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Test Assure and the CellMax-CRC Protect Test, available immediately.

As part of the collaboration, RDL has adopted Aushon's technology for simultaneously measuring protein biomarker panels for several autoimmune indications. 

Kindstar has been granted exclusive rights to market the SLE-Key Rule-Out test in China, which will be the initial product offering stemming from the partnership.