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The companies have signed a deal under which each will make its tests available to the other's customer base.

The partners will develop an amyloid β 42/40 ratio assay to identify patients who may benefit from treatment with Janssen's drug called atabecestat.

The clinical analysis lab will use more than 50 Atellica clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzers among 100 analyzers produced by Siemens.

Upon the commercialization of the tests, Chembio will obtain royalty payments on resulting product sales. It will also sell reagents to LumiraDx.

Freenome will leverage proteomics firm Biognosys' technology to add protein quantification to the development of Freenome's first commercially available screening test.

Miami-based Nicklaus will send patient blood samples to Rady Children's in San Diego for WGS, bioinformatics analysis, and initial clinical interpretation.

The firms will work to accelerate the adoption of PierianDx's genomics platform for translating data into patient-specific diagnoses and treatments.

The firms will develop new business opportunities, exchange technical expertise, and integrate their software and hardware systems.

As part of a collaboration with Freenome, Institut Curie will look for correlations between circulating biomarkers and human response to cancer immunotherapies.

The university's researchers have developed a laboratory test that measures the body's response to infection in the blood, and can distinguish between bacterial and viral meningitis.