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codevelopment agreement

The partners aim to develop jointly-branded clinical decision support software for faster, more accurate, and more confident decision-making.

Chembio said that under the agreement it will develop a quantitative, reader-based POC test that detects an undisclosed biomarker, and apply for FDA clearance. 

The agreement could lead to a companion diagnostic that supports the development of an Inotrem compound in clinical trials for septic-shock treatment.

Itus is using artificial intelligence and flow-cytometry analysis of immune cells from an individual's blood to identify patients with tumors. 

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is developing the assay for use on its Vitros systems for use by small-, mid-, and high-volume labs in managing sepsis.

Ascendas will develop and commercialize molecular diagnostic systems and assays using certain of Fluidigm's microfluidic technologies.

The companies will use HTG EdgeSeq technology to develop NGS-based gene expression profiling assays to support a pharma company's therapeutic development.

The technology could analyze, in one assay, all structural variants known to be diagnostic and prognostic for blood cancers, potentially replacing serial FISH testing.

GenomeDx will use its Decipher Classifier and Genomics Resource Information Database to analyze samples, for tumor aggressiveness, and identify predictive signatures.

The partners will offer pharmaceutical firms a complete next-generation sequencing-based solution for the development and commercialization of companion diagnostic tests.