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clinical trial

Researchers from the University of Illinois said their test may one day enable patients to identify sepsis at home and transmit test results immediately to a physician. 

The test measures quantities of white blood cells and CD64 on the surface of neutrophils, enabling the immune system's response to sepsis to be monitored. 

The researchers found that Cepheid's Xpert HCV viral load assay used at the point of care performed at levels comparable to a laboratory test.

The test, developed with Pfizer, could identify renal cancer patients who would experience recurrence, but not who would benefit from adjuvant Sutent.

The firm has already received CE marking for its nanofluidic point-of-care assay, which could provide rapid identification of sepsis in patients.

Data presented at ASCO showing 76 percent of cancer patients responded to larotrectinib could lead to the availability of the first tissue-agnostic targeted drug.

Collaborators have created an atlas that compares available PD-L1 IHC assays and reveals areas of debate, including challenges encountered by clinicians.

A year-long clinical trial at three hospitals found that price transparency alone may not lead to significant changes in a clinician's test requests.  

A simple stool-based immunochemical test has shown promise during early trials in accurately ruling out the need for unnecessary colonoscopies.

Grail plans to enroll up to 120,000 women who have been screened via mammogram, to train and validate its NGS-based early detection cancer test.