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asset acquisition

Iqvia and Quest established Q2 solutions, originally known as Quintiles Research, as a joint venture in 2015 with Quest owning 40 percent of the firm.

Quest will pick up the business from 29 Mercy hospital labs and two independent clinic labs servicing patients and providers throughout the Midwest.

The firm will build liquid biopsy companion diagnostic tests that complement its tissue-based assays and are tailored for drugs developed by pharma partners.

The lab company is taking full ownership of MACL, the largest independent clinical lab in the state, which it formed as a joint venture around 20 years ago.

The company expects that Blueprint's informatics capabilities in particular will improve variant interpretation and reporting across all its genetic test offerings.

The UK firm has purchased the assets for Enigma Diagnostics and anticipates it will soon receive clearance to market its first test for TB in China.

LabCorp will operate SBMF's former clinical lab in South Bend, Indiana, and the two parties will collaborate to provide integrated pathology services.

Quest said it will not acquire True Health's facilities or staff and that it expects the buy to expand the reach of its cardio-metabolic diagnostic services.

Progenity gains 137 granted patents and 15 pending applications in the US, Europe, China, and Japan in the deal. 

The combined company will offer laboratory testing and digital technologies for diagnosing and managing lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other autoimmune diseases.