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T2 Biosystems, Cidara Announce Partnership to Target Sepsis-Causing Candida

NEW YORK (360Dx) – T2 Biosystems announced today that it has partnered with Cidara Therapeutics for the commercial placement of T2Dx instruments to support clinical trials for Cidara’s antifungal CD101s.

As part of the deal, an exclusive pricing program is being created to  accelerate enrollment in trials evaluating Cidara's echinocandin antifungal CD101 and increase the number of hospitals that adopt T2 Biosystems' products, including the T2Candida Panel and T2 Bacterial Panel, following clearance from the  US Food and Drug Administration.

Through the program announced today, T2 Biosystems will offer preferred sales terms to US clinical trial sites for CD101 IV through the completion of the planned Phase III trial. T2 Biosystems will place T2Dx instruments at Cidara clinical trial sites that participate in its preferred pricing program. Cidara will then provide reimbursement coverage to sites that use T2Candida tests for patient enrollment.

Participating sites will have eventual access to the T2Bacteria IVD panel upon potential clearance by the FDA. The panel is  currently available commercially in Europe and as a research-use-only product in the US. Trial sites will also have access to future T2 Biosystem panels, including ones that detect Candida auris, when commercially released.

"The ability to more rapidly diagnose infections with T2 Biosystems' products combined with the potential to more effectively clear those infections with CD101 IV should both save lives and advance antimicrobial stewardship within the nation’s hospitals," Cidara Therapeutics President and CEO Jeffrey Stein said in a statement.

T2 Biosystems recently announced a collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for research and surveillance tools for managing the emergence and outbreaks of C. auris. The partnership complements an ongoing European study that has demonstrated T2MR technology's capability to spot the superbug in whole-blood clinical samples. Candida is one of the deadliest sepsis-causing pathogens, with a mortality rate of about 40 percent of patients receiving standard care, the two firms said.

As one of the leading hospital-acquired bloodstream infections, Candida costs patients on average $130,000 per 40 days in hospital bills. Current blood culture-based diagnostic tests usually require up to six days or more to produce results.

"We believe this partnership will improve patient care by helping to get more therapies to combat sepsis to the market faster. ... T2 BIosystems diagnostics products direct the right therapy to the patient in three to five hours instead of the one to six or more days by today's standard of care," T2 Biosystems President and CEO John McDonough said in a statement.