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Numares Collaborating With Bruker on NMR-Based Diagnostics

NEW YORK – Metabolomics firm Numares said Thursday that it has signed an agreement with Bruker to bring nuclear magnetic resonance-based diagnostics to market.

The collaboration aims to transition Regensburg, Germany-based Numares' Axinon platform, which combines NMR measures of metabolites with AI analysis, from research to routine clinical use.

In a statement, Winton Gibbons, Numares' co-CEO and president, said the company plans in the near term to launch in the US a blood-based NMR test for identifying and measuring impaired kidney function in patients. It launched a urine-based test for monitoring kidney transplant patients for transplant rejection in Europe in 2017. Numares announced a collaboration on diagnostics development with Mayo Clinical Laboratories in 2019.

"Our agreement will help to expand the exciting potential of NMR technology, long established in academic and clinical research, to the clinical diagnostics industry where Numares already has a strong customer base," Volker Pfahlert, director of Numares' board, said in a statement. "It paves the way for market entry of NMR diagnostics under FDA regulations, a prerequisite to make it accessible to all patients as day-to-day applications in routine clinical diagnostics."

Pfahlert added that the company was interested in developing the platform for testing in areas including kidney and liver disease and neurology.

NMR technology delivers the robust and reproducible results needed to support the advanced AI modelling techniques deployed by numares," said Iris Mangelschots, president of Bruker BioSpin's applied, clinical, and industrial division. "Together, our complementary technologies offer a powerful arm in the fight against disease of the future.”

Financial and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.