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Nordic Bioscience to Develop Biomarkers for Roche Cobas Platform

NEW YORK – Danish biomarker company Nordic Bioscience announced on Thursday that it is continuing its ongoing collaboration with Roche Diagnostics to develop biomarkers for Roche's Cobas system.

Under the deal, Nordic Bioscience will transfer its proprietary blood-based biomarkers for chronic diseases involving tissue fibrosis and inflammation to Roche for implementation on the Cobas platform. The partnership "will facilitate better clinical decisions in drug development and patient selection," Nordic Bioscience said in a statement.

Financial and other terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

Thus far, two Nordic Bioscience biomarkers have been commercialized and implemented on the Cobas platform: PRO-C3, a fibrogenesis biomarker to quantify type III collagen formation in fibrotic diseases including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and PRO-C6, which quantifies type VI collagen formation found in cardiovascular diseases and various cancers.

"Having our biomarkers on the Roche Diagnostics' platform and our combined capabilities will secure global availability of our best [extracellular matrix] biomarkers," Nordic Bioscience CEO Morten Karsdal said in a statement. "This also adds significant value to Nordic Bioscience offerings as we transform our biomarkers from tools used only in clinical development to globally available diagnostics products."