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Euroimmun Nabs CE Mark for Indirect Immunofluorescence Test Instrument

NEW YORK – Revvity said Thursday its Euroimmun subsidiary secured CE-IVDR certification for its fully automated indirect immunofluorescence test instrument for use in autoimmune disease diagnostics.

The firm said it is launching sales in countries that accept CE marking of its Uniqo 160 benchtop instrument that integrates high-quality microscopy and automated processing of up to 160 primary samples and 18 slides per run. It is best suited for medium-throughput laboratories, the firm added.

"Traditional IIFT processing can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring the expertise of specially trained lab technicians and a dark room," Euroimmun Chief Technology Officer Bianca Huth said in a statement. "The design of the Uniqo 160 system and technologies built into it alleviate laboratories of many common challenges by reducing hands-on time and creating efficiencies through end-to-end automation."

Euroimmun said on its website the Uniqo 160 improves efficiency of the IIFT process through sample preparation, incubation, washing and mounting of slides, and image acquisition and analysis. According to the firm, it also identifies samples, reagents, and slides by barcode, providing reliability and traceability of materials and samples. The slides are incubated with a mounting medium and cover glass to prevent drying that can hamper high-quality fluorescence imaging, the company added in its statement.

Revvity said the Uniqo 160 instrument will also be compatible with its EuroPattern Classifier software, which will become available this year. That software uses pattern-based classification to aid evaluation and propose analytical results.