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Alzheimer's Diagnostic Targeted by Veravas, Tymora Deal

NEW YORK – Veravas and Tymora Analytical Operations on Monday announced a deal to "explore the integration of their respective technologies."

Specifically, the partners will enrich and measure circulating biomarkers for use in diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease, as well as other applications. Financial and other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The alliance will leverage Charleston, South Carolina-based Veravas' sample preparation technology and Lafayette, Indiana-based Tymora's extracellular vesicle enrichment technology with the goal of developing an Alzheimer's diagnostic test using human plasma samples as an alternative to cerebral spinal fluid.

Veravas has developed nanomagnetic particles for identifying, removing, and measuring select substances from patient samples, reducing the effects of complex interferences and improving the detection of low-abundance biomarkers.

Meanwhile, Tymora provides therapeutic and diagnostic biomarker discovery and development contract services and products to customers.

"This partnership will allow us to pursue the combination of our sample prep and biomarker technologies so we can quickly address some of the biggest challenges impacting the neuroscience IVD market, starting with Alzheimer’s Disease," Vervas CEO Carroll Streetman Jr. said in a statement.

"The implementation of plasma testing for early-stage diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is critical for effective treatment, and this new partnership allows us both to expand our resources to favorably impact [laboratory-developed tests] and [in vitro diagnostic] assay development and performance," added Tymora President and Chief Technology Officer Anton Iliuk.