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Abionic, Genentech Partner to Develop POC Asthma Test

NEW YORK – Abionic announced today it has partnered with Genentech to develop and distribute its in vitro diagnostic asthma test panel in the US.

Under the agreement, Abionic will lead the development process, while Genentech, which is part of Roche, will fund the clinical and regulatory costs of the test. Financial and other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The test will be performed using Abionic's point-of-care AbioScope device, which is powered by nanofluidic technology.

The asthma test panel measures levels of immunoglobulin E in the blood. Immunoglobulin E is an underlying cause of allergic asthma.

Abionic said in a statement the test can provide results in five minutes from a single drop of blood. The Lausanne, Switzerland-based company will perform the pre-market requirements to quantify total immunoglobulin E levels, as well as immunoglobulin E levels to five major allergens associated with asthma.

"The agreement with Genentech, a leader in developing novel medicines in respiratory diseases including allergic asthma, is a great step towards more personalized and precise diagnostics,” Nicolas Durand, CEO of Abionic, said in a statement.